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Image Reference Make Description Price Status

Soprano Saxophone

 -  1 instrument.
SX10407a SX10407a Yamaha YSS-82Z Soprano Saxophone
The YSS 82Z is a one piece straight soprano without any joints between the body and neck for a free and even response.
£2,550.00 Available

Alto Saxophone

 -  9 instruments.
SX10335a SX10335a Leblanc Vito Alto Saxophone
'59/'60 Leblanc Model 35 Vito Semi-Rationale. (American made)
£1,000.00 Available
SX10398a SX10398a Chiltern A-M6 DVL Alto Saxophone
Chiltern A-M6 DVL alto saxophone. Dark Gold lacquer finish. Supplied with Neotech strap and polishing cloth.
£1,250.00 Available
SX10408a SX10408a Yanigasawa A901 Alto Saxophone
Yanagisawa A901. Features excellent intonation and plays with a lively tone.
£1,450.00 Available
SX10406a SX10406a Keilwerth SX90R Alto Saxophone
Keilwerth SX90R Alto Saxophone made in 1999. Features true rolled toneholes and adjustable left hand palm keys.
£2,500.00 Available
SX10389a SX10389a Selmer Paris Super Cigar Cutter Alto Saxophone
Silver Selmer Super Cigar Cutter from 1933, named so for it's octave mechanism resembling a cigar cutter. Like many vintage Selmer Saxophones, it plays with a rich, dark tone.
£2,500.00 Available
SX10410a SX10410a Selmer SA80 Series II Alto Saxophone
Selmer Series II Alto Saxophone from 1989. Plays with a rich, warm tone.
£2,550.00 Available
SX10401a SX10401a Selmer Paris Cigar Cutter Alto Saxophone
Selmer Super Cigar Cutter from 1934 in gold bronze lacquer. With original crocodile skin Selmer case.
£2,600.00 Available
SX10320a SX10320a Selmer Paris Series III Alto Saxophone
Selmer Series III alto saxophone black lacquer finish
£3,750.00 Available
SX10384a SX10384a Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto Saxophone
Mark VI Alto Saxophone dating from late 1954 to early 55.
£5,600.00 Available

Tenor Saxophone

 -  5 instruments.
SX10419a SX10419a Yanagisawa Tenor Saxophone T901 Tenor Saxophone
Yanagisawa T901 Tenor Saxophone from 1999.
£2,100.00 Available
SX10413a SX10413a Cannonball T5 Global Big Bell Tenor Saxophone
Cannonball’s T5-B Stone Series is a tenor saxophone adorned with 16 semi-precious stones and a polished black-nickel finish. This tenor also features Cannonball’s trademarked Big Bell.
£2,450.00 Available
SX10414a SX10414a Cannonball Vintage Reborn 'Brute' Tenor Saxophone
Cannonball saxophones are very rare in the UK. This Vintage Reborn features the 'Brute' finish which is Cannonball's aged brass finish. This instrument is in excellent condition and plays with a beautiful tone.
£2,450.00 Available
SX10322a SX10322a Adolphe Sax Tenor Saxophone
Fully restored Adolphe Sax tenor saxophone manufactured under Selmer ownership. Clear engravings to the bell as follows: ''1st Grand Prix De La Facture Instrumentale Adolphe SAX 84 Rue Myrha Paris'' This instrument probably dates from around 1933/34 and is a beautiful example in excellent condition with minor cosmetic wear as you would expect of an instrument of this vintage. Supplied with a Selmer S80 C* mouthpiece and oblong case.
£2,695.00 Available
SX10415a SX10415a Yamaha YTS-875 Tenor Saxophone
The YTS-875 is one of Yamaha's flagship Tenors. Delivers a deep, rich sound that's full of colour.
£3,000.00 Available

Baritone Saxophone

 -  1 instrument.
SX10391a SX10391a Conn Crossbar Baritone Saxophone
Fully restored Conn 'Crossbar' New Wonder baritone saxophone, so named for the cross-shaped bell to body brace, dating from 1924. Repadded with Premium 'Roo' pads.Plays with a broad, powerful tone.
£3,500.00 Available

C Melody Saxophone

 -  1 instrument.
SX10394a SX10394a Conn C Melody Saxophone
Fully overhauled silver Conn New Wonder series I, C Melody saxophone dating from 1921.
£1,400.00 Available


 -  1 instrument.
SX10405a SX10405a Pearl PF-665E
Pearl flute, open-hole offset G, solid silver head
£775.00 Available

Tenor Sax Crook

 -  1 instrument.
SX10412a SX10412a Selmer MKVI Tenor Saxophone Crook
Selmer MK VI tenor sax neck (1963) with neck brace
£1,000.00 Available
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