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Reed making/adjustment/care tools


Bassoon mandrels

info Chiarugi 6 Removable Tips for Bassoon Mandrel   £18.85 Buy
info Chiarugi Bassoon Mandrel - Standard   £15.95 Buy
  Chiarugi Bassoon Mandrel Handle ONLY   POA Contact us
info Chiarugi Bassoon Mandrel with 6 Removable Tips   £37.79 Buy

Bassoon plaques (tongues)

Chiarugi Contrabassoon Plaque
info Blackwood   £15.30 Buy
info Metal   £15.30 Buy
info Chiarugi Convex Blackwood Bassoon Plaque   £5.65 Buy
info Chiarugi Convex Metal Bassoon Plaque - Lozenge Shape : Nickel silver   £12.50 Buy
info Chiarugi Convex Metal Bassoon Plaque - Spade Shape
  £13.35 Buy
info Chiarugi Triangular Convex Metal Bassoon Plaque   £8.00 Buy

Bassoon pliers

info Chiarugi Oboe/Bassoon Pliers (AC197B)   £12.50 Buy
info Chiarugi Wire Cutters for Oboe / Bassoon reeds   £11.50 Buy

Bassoon reamers

info Chiarugi Bassoon Reamer - with 5 Straight Cutting Edges   £34.50 Buy

Bassoon reed drying boards

info Chiarugi Bassoon Reed Drying Board - 13 Pins   £27.95 Buy
info Chiarugi Bassoon Reed Drying Board - to hold 18 removable tips   £9.75 Buy

Bassoon reed knives

Chiarugi Bevel Edge Reed Knife
info Left Handed   £29.95 Buy
info Right Handed   £29.95 Buy
info Chiarugi Razor Edge Knife (HG)   £31.50 Buy

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