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Tubes (staples)


Bassoon wire

info Howarth Brass Bassoon Wire
0.6mm x 50g
  £6.50 Buy

Wire, thread and skin

info Howarth Beeswax block 28g   £2.50 Buy
info Howarth Brass Cor Anglais Wire
0.4mm x 50g
  £6.50 Buy
info Howarth Brass Oboe Wire
0.3mm x 50g
  £6.75 Buy
info Howarth Goldbeaters Skin
(brown skin used by goldbeaters)
  £2.95 Buy

Reed making/adjustment/care tools


Cutting blocks

info Howarth Oboe / Bassoon Cutting Block   £8.95 Buy
info Howarth XL Oboe / Bassoon Cutting Block   £9.95 Buy

Oboe cane radius/diameter gauges

info Howarth Oboe Tube Cane Diameter Gauge   £19.95 Buy

Bassoon plaques (tongues)

info Howarth Flat Metal Oval Bassoon Plaque - Stainless Steel   £2.00 Buy

Oboe pre-gougers

Howarth Oboe Tube Cane Pre-gouger with Pusher
info 10.5 mm   £125.00 Buy
info 10mm   £125.00 Buy
info 11mm   £125.00 Buy
info 12mm Cor Anglais   £125.00 Buy

Cases, case covers and carrying bags


Music bags and music cases

info Howarth Music Bag Limited Stock   £5.50 Buy

Care and maintenance materials and tools


Anti-tarnish strips

info Howarth Anti-Tarnish Silver Storage Paper Strips : Howarth White   £3.50 Buy

Wood polishing cloths

info Howarth Wood Polishing Cloth   £3.70 Buy

Silver polishing cloths

info Howarth Premium Silver Polishing Cloth Limited Stock   £8.95 Buy
info Howarth Silver Polishing Cloth   £3.70 Buy

Microfibre cloths

info Howarth Microfibre Cleaning Cloth   £5.35 Buy

Cork grease

info Howarth Back to School Kit | Bassoon   £55.00 Buy
info Howarth Back to School Kit | Oboe   £40.00 Buy
info Howarth Premium Natural Cork Grease Out of Stock   £3.95 Buy

Oboe mops and pull-throughs

info Howarth Back to School Kit | Oboe   £40.00 Buy
info Howarth Cor Anglais Pull Through - Silk
A quick and easy way to keep your Cor Anglais clean of moisture
  £11.75 Buy
info Howarth Oboe Pull Through - Silk
A quick and easy way to keep your Oboe clean of moisture.
  £10.50 Buy
info Howarth Set of Oboe Mops - Multi-coloured (microfibre with wooden handle) : Multi-coloured
New Style mop - clean your oboe & be a little funkier with our multi-coloured mops! (*Colours may vary)
  £15.95 Buy

Key oil

info Howarth Precision Key Oil Pen
A handy tool for oiling your instrument's keywork.
  £12.50 Buy

All repair tools and materials

Howarth Shellac stick
  Clear Contact Us   £7.50 Contact us
  White Contact Us   £7.50 Contact us

Whilst every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of information within this website, Howarth of London Ltd wishes to stress that the prices of items for sale and other services detailed are reviewed regularly and thus the information given may be subject to alteration.


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