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Slings, supports, key risers


Oboe / Cor anglais slings


info Howarth Cor Anglais Sling - Simple 'Pro Line' Non-Elasticated : Non-Elasticated Cor Sling   £19.95 Buy
info Howarth Elasticated Cor Anglais Sling : 1.008 Out of Stock   £16.85 Buy


BG BG Nylon Oboe Sling
info O33 Non-elastic   £26.99 Buy
info O33E Elastic   £27.49 Buy
info BG BG Oboe Strap Nylon Elastic "ZEN" with ABS Extender : O33YE Elastic   £31.50 Buy
info BG Cor Anglais Leather Sling/Strap with Cotton Pad : O30E Elastic   £40.50 Buy
BG Cor Anglais Leather Strap with ABS Extender
info O30Y Non-elastic   £52.00 Buy
info O30YE Elastic   £52.00 Buy

Chicago Reed Company

info Chicago Reed Company WRIST Oboe / Cor Anglais and Clarinet Support   £153.00 Buy


ERGObrass ERG-Oboe
Oboe and English Horn Support
info Oboe and Cor Anglais support   £125.00 Buy
info Extension   £65.00 Buy


RDG Kickstand "BHOB" Oboe / Cor Anglais and Clarinet Support
info Long Bhob 11" to 21" (use with Oboe)   £66.00 Buy
info Short Bhob 7" to 12" (use with English horn)   £66.00 Buy


info Wiseman Leather Sling for Saxophone / Bassoon / Cor Anglais with Metal Clasp Hook Contact Us   £30.60 Contact us

Oboe thumb rests/cushions


Howarth Dutch Thumb Rest
info Large   £8.95 Buy
info Standard   £8.95 Buy
Howarth Thumb Rest
info Adjustable for Cor Anglais   £54.00 Buy
info Adjustable for Oboe   £54.00 Buy
info Adjustable with ring for Cor Anglais   £60.00 Buy
info Adjustable with ring for Oboe   £60.00 Buy
info Standard   £24.00 Buy
info Standard with ring   £36.00 Buy


BG Thumb Rest Cushion
info Large A23   £3.00 Buy
info Standard A21   £3.00 Buy

Buffet Crampon

info Buffet Crampon Adjustable Metal Clarinet Thumb Rest   £25.50 Buy


info Kooiman Etude 3 Adjustable Oboe / Clarinet Thumb Rest   £38.00 Buy
info Kooiman Maestro II Clarinet Thumb Rest - Metal   £208.00 Buy
info Kooiman Maestro II German System Clarinet Thumb Rest - Metal : Kooiman Maestro II German System Contact Us   £299.95 Contact us
info Kooiman Maestro II Oboe Thumb Rest - Metal   £208.00 Buy

My Grip

info My Grip Oboe thumb rest   £8.90 Buy


info Protec Clarinet/Oboe Thumb Rest Gel Cushion | A309   £6.95 Buy

My Grip

My Grip Flute thumb rests
info Cyan   £8.90 Buy
info Magenta   £8.90 Buy
info Transparent   £8.90 Buy
info Violet   £8.90 Buy

Whilst every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of information within this website, Howarth of London Ltd wishes to stress that the prices of items for sale and other services detailed are reviewed regularly and thus the information given may be subject to alteration.


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