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Gift ideas


Gifts for saxophonists


Howarth 2 Limited Edition Prints of London Shop and Workshop
Sarah Jones signed prints, unframed
info London Shop Print   £84.00 Buy
info Worthing Workshop Print   £84.00 Buy
info Howarth Back to School Kit | Alto Saxophone   £35.00 Buy
Howarth Coffee Mug
info Gift Wrapped   £12.50 Buy
info Green with Howarth Logo   £12.50 Buy
Howarth Kids T-Shirt unisex
info 7-8 years (M)   £12.50 Buy
info 9-11 years (L)   £12.50 Buy
info Howarth MO-14 Elk Leather Pouch for Alto Saxophone or Clarinet Mouthpiece   £17.50 Buy
info Howarth MO-25 Elk Leather Pouch for Alto Saxophone Crook Contact Us   £34.00 Contact us
Howarth Polo Shirt Adult Unisex
info Extra Large   £20.00 Buy
info Large   £20.00 Buy
info Howarth Saxophone Christmas Tree Decoration
A lovely Christmas stocking filler!
  £16.50 Buy
info Howarth Saxophone Luggage Tag   £4.99 Buy


info BG PA Pouch for Alto Saxophone Crook Contact Us   £17.35 Contact us

Flare Audio

Flare Audio Aluminium Pill Case for Earplugs
info Black   £10.00 Buy
info Blue   £10.00 Buy
info Red   £10.00 Buy
Flare Audio Aluminium Pocket Case for Earplugs
info Black   £10.99 Buy
info Rose Gold   £10.99 Buy
info Silver   £10.99 Buy
Flare Audio Calmer Earplugs
info Grey   £20.00 Buy
info Mint   £25.00 Buy
info Purple   £25.00 Buy
info Translucent   £25.00 Buy
Flare Audio Calmer Kids Earplugs
info Blue   £20.00 Buy
info Red   £20.00 Buy
info Yellow   £20.00 Buy
Flare Audio Calmer Secure Earplugs
info Black   £25.00 Buy
info Translucent   £25.00 Buy


info Korg WDT-1 Wall mounted tuner   £250.00 Buy

Vienna World

info Vienna World Mug : Treble Clef   £6.50 Buy
info Vienna World Saxophone Pencil   £0.60 Buy
info Vienna World Square Saxophone Keyring   £4.50 Buy

info Bouquet of Reeds Blank Greetings Card   £3.99 Buy
info Wind Instruments blank greetings card   £4.50 Buy

Whilst every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of information within this website, Howarth of London Ltd wishes to stress that the prices of items for sale and other services detailed are reviewed regularly and thus the information given may be subject to alteration.


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