Trevor James 33223 Performer Alto Flute Straight Head Silver Trad Lip

Excellent alto flutes for flute players or doubling musicians. Extremely free blowing headjoints, the Trevor James alto flutes are easy and wonderful to play.


  • 925 silver lip / riser, silver-plated headjoint body, footjoint and key mechanism

Standard Performer alto flute specification

  • 925 silver lip and riser headjoint
  • Free blowing headjoint design.
  • Hand over-cutting and undercutting of the embouchure hole
  • Traditional Y arm key design
  • Secure mechanism construction with ergonomically designed left and right hand key mechanism
  • Triple-plated finish
  • Double skin yellow pads
  • Hidden adjusting screws
  • Without E mechanism
  • Closed hole key mechanism
  • C# roller option
  • C footjoint with ergonomically design touchpieces
  • 'Prolite' all-in-one case / case cover with shoulder strap
  • Cleaning rod
  • White internal cleaning cloth
  • Hand set-up and finished in UK technical workshops

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