Yanagisawa BWO10 Baritone Saxophone - Brass

The Yanagisawa BWO10 Baritone SaxophoneBWO10 - Elite Model. is in the key of Eb. Range from low A to high F#. All hand engraved.

Yanagisawa ‘Elite’ models are true player’s instruments that represent the pinnacle of saxophone craftsmanship. Delivering a moderate level of resistance, the accomplished player can discover a truly effortless tone with unrivalled depth and flexibility, and a genuinely unparalleled freedom of expression.

  • Strap Ring: Repositioned the strap ring for easier playing.
  • Key Guard: Newly designed right hand guard exclusive to baritones.
  • Bow Brace: Redesigned upper bow brace.
  • Right Pinky Key: New pinky key angle for smoother fingering.
  • Bb & C Levers: Additional feet under the Bb & C levers.
  • Tone Holes: Redesigned tone holes to improve the intonation.
  • Neck Pipe Plate: New plate has been added thus tightening the sound from middle to high registers.

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