Yamaha YAS-82 ZB Custom Alto Saxophone - Black Lacquer

The Yamaha Custom Z continues its evolution! Powerful sound and the ability to play fast passages without difficulty, the Z is crafted to meet your highest expectations. They have been re-examined from the neck to the bell and are now equipped with a one-piece bell for increased resonance and the highly regarded wide bore V1 neck for strong tonal control and response. This sax was originally intended for jazz players but has the flexibility to make it a great all round sax!

The YAS-82Z II Custom Alto Sax series encapsulates the essence of treasured classic saxes from the 20th Century as well as building on their standards with state of the art tuning, technology and ergonomics. Yamaha Custom series saxophones are designed with some of the greatest players in the world and hand built by the cream of Yamaha's expert craftsman. Meticulously developed from the finest materials and built with innovative features, Yamaha Custom saxophones provide the rich sounds and expressive feel to elevate the performance level of even the best saxophonists.

The 82Z has a remarkably expressive sound with a solid core that comes as a result of the hand hammered bell. It also features an improved low B - low C# connection which ensures that the low C# always closes securely, giving players real confidence when playing in the lower register. The VI neck helps to create a more expressive saxophone, made possible by the more open feel that this neck gives along with a wider dynamic range. This neck is made of a special lightweight brass alloy.

  • Brass body
  • Black Lacquer Finish
  • V1 neck wide bore which offers a free blowing and extremely flexible experience, providing the player a greater access to more extreme dynamic range, as well as a wider palette of tonal expression.
  • Hand engraved one piece bell
  • Yamaha 4CM Ebonite Custom mouthpiece
  • Yamaha Custom Z case
  • Made in Japan

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