BG Standard Saxophone Ligature and Cap : L13 Tenor

The Standard BG ligature for Saxophone fits most ebonite or plastic sax mouthpieces. The leather outer design with rubber touch plate gives a warmer, rounder sound than a traditional metal ligature. The standard BG Ligature is an ideal ligature for ensemble work and chamber music. It has a dark yet focused sound and is free blowing.

Made in France the BG range has been the choice of amateurs and professionals for many years. The BG Standard series original leather holds the reed securely thanks to the rubber grips and solid single screw design. 

  • Made in France 
  • High quality leather style material 
  • Single screw design 
  • Rubber touch plate holds reed securely and darkens the sound 
  • Supplied with relevant cap

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£22.49( If bought from United Kingdom )