Hite Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece : J

The balance of carefully designed and produced dimensions and facings gives J & D HITE mouthpieces their flexibility, superior intonation and comfort throughout the range of the instrument, at all dynamic levels. Many years of consultation with the worlds most respected clarinetists have influenced their design and performance standards.

Available in four models;

D: the original (ca. 1980) HITE interior design which is closely linked with the traditional classic orchestral facing. The internal cut of this mouthpiece allows a darker, rounder tonal character. This is a medium open mouthpiece.

J: often liked by saxophonists. This mouthpiece is a medium open mouthpiece.

M: designed to allow the player to achieve a greater projection and resonance. This is a medium closed mouthpiece.

H: extra facing length is suited to thicker cut reeds. This is a medium closed mouthpiece

 These mouthpiece are comparable to the Selmer range, Charles Bay, Morgan and Lomax Symphonie.

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£75.00( If bought from United Kingdom )