Music Through Time Bk 3 : mus throu time Bk3

A collection of repertoire books of enjoyable, interesting, and stimulating material for use in the early stages of learning.

The pieces in Book 3 are of around grades 3-4 standard and are in chronological order, with brief notes placing them in history.


  • OUP


  • Paul Harris


  • Bb Clarinet
  • Piano


  • Trinity Clarinet Grade 3


  • ISBN: 978-0-1935-7186-0


  1. Adagio (Giazotto/Albinoni)
  2. Allegretto [Elgar, Edward]
  3. Andante Con Moto (Weber)
  4. Après Un Rêve [Faure, Gabriel]
  5. Ghoulish (Harris)
  6. Grazioso (Blasius)
  7. Hornpipe (Sullivan)
  8. March [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  9. Melody (Berr)
  10. Melody (Boieldieu)
  11. Melody (Lefevre)
  12. Minuet And Trio (Mozart)
  13. Pavane Of The Sleeping Beauty (Ravel)
  14. Romance (Op. 44, No. 1) (Rubinstein) Romance (Tchaikovsky)
  15. The Earl Of Salisbury's Pavan [Byrd, William]
  16. The Easy Winners (Joplin)
  17. The Silent Lake (Walton)
  18. Waltz [Schubert, Franz]

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