Moosmann Bassoon Crook Type PW : PW3

Moosmann produce a variety of crooks, and are ideally suited to their own instruments. In addition, they can be played equally well on other instruments. The feral on a Moosmann Bassoon tends to have a wider diameter than that of most other makes of Bassoon. This means that Moosmann crooks may be a little tighter when trying to fit them onto other makes of Bassoon. Ensure to use a small amount of cork grease when trying to avoid getting the crook stuck or straining. If you decide to go ahead and purchase, a technician can adjust the cork to fit correctly for your Bassoon. The PW is made of German silver, with the standard bore and is usually silver-plated. There are many other materials and finishes available. Please call 020 7935 2407 for more details on availability.

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£473.90( If bought from United Kingdom )