Rovner Versa Saxophone Ligature & Cap : HR Alto | V-1RL

This ligature combines much of the tonal focus that a good metal ligature provides with the flexibility and freedom that are the hallmark of Rovner Ligatures. Simply put, no other ligature feels this good! The Versa model offers a great sense of playing confidence derived from the feeling of complete control and accurate, intensely focused intonation. Great sonority reigns in the bottom two-thirds of the low register. Notes that normally buzz irritatingly achieve a new level of tonal purity and roundness. Register breaks, up or down, take place with nearly the same ease as movement to adjacent notes. Many reeds that wouldn't play are instantly turned into great performers. The depth of sound of this ligature reveals how all other ligatures are shallow-sounding. 

What creates the basis for this giant leap forward in ligature performance is namely the internal ribbing that floats the ligature body on the mouthpiece, incredibly thin stainless steel rails which support the reed, new free-floating metal fittings that produce better seating of ligature and reed · A new Polymer-impregnated, double textured ligature body.

Available for metal and hard rubber mouthpieces. Subject to availability.

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£64.00( If bought from United Kingdom )