Adams Tenor Playing Saxophone Stand : Gold

The Adams playing stand allows an instrumentalist to play sitting down without using a sling or harness. Such stands were traditionally utilised by multi instrumental pit players but are equally useful for those who cannot carry the weight of a tenor saxophone.

The saxophone slots into the stand via a clamp which is first attached then left on the saxophone. Unlike similar stands the clamp is attached simply (see picture insert for correct installation between B and Bb tone holes) with a single bolt using the supplied Allan key.

The broad five legged base is extemely stable and a sturdy ball joint allows the instrument to be pulled securely into a comfortable playing position. Stability and flexibility of positioning is adequate to push your saxophone aside whilst not playing or when doubling without any fear of it falling over.

Comes complete in a convenient padded bag.

We are delighted to be able to offer the Adams Playing Stand with its robust quality of materials and manufacturing at such a competitive price.

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£200.00( If bought from United Kingdom )