Jody Jazz Giant Aluminium Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece : 8

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The GIANT is a dark mouthpiece with excellent projection, easy altissimo register and yet can be played with a warm versatile feel. The JodyJazz GIANT Tenor Saxophone mouthpiece is free blowing, with a touch of resistance to give the sound more character. An easy and fun to play mouthpiece the Giant captures the full range of tonal qualities of the instrument.

The GIANT has a dark, big sound with strong projection and cut. The JodyJazz GIANT is excellent for Jazz, Straight Ahead, Bebop, Big Band, as well as Rock, Funk, and Blues. Due to its versatility, it can blend nicely with a concert band or saxophone quartet too. In other words the GIANT is a great saxophone mouthpiece that seems to appeal to a very broad variety of players. The thing to remember is that no two players are alike so that it's all about finding the mouthpiece that responds to your morphology (physical makeup). Morphology means that you have a chamber in your mouth and throat, that reacts with the mouthpiece so some people sound better with a large chamber mouthpiece like the JodyJazz GIANT and some people sound better with a smaller chamber piece like the JodyJazz DV.

What Does The GIANT Do?
  • Big Warm Complex Sound
  • Free Blowing with a touch of resistance
  • Extremely even sound throughout the range of the saxophone
  • Responsive in all registers
  • Power and Projection
  • Good for all styles of music
How Does The GIANT Do It?
  • Large Chambers usually create a very warm sound that is often less powerful and quieter than small chamber mouthpieces, however the unique material of Anodized Aluminium in combination with the facing curve which allows maximum reed vibration. This keeps the sound big and powerful whilst also remaining as warm as you'd expect from a large chamber piece.
  • Precision - CNC Machined
  • New facing curve
  • Hand finished baffle and tip rail
  • The GIANT has the outside shape and look of a hard rubber mouthpiece but the Anodized Aluminium material gives it the precision of a metal mouthpiece. CNC machined to exact tolerances. The large chamber is expertly hand finished to produce an extraordinarily full sound.
  • Play tested by Jody Espina or one of our professional saxophonists

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