Reed Geek Doublegeek Reed Tool

The 'Doublegeek' was made with the double reed player in mind, focused to their needs. However this tool is useful to all woodwind players. 

The design means it can be carried in hand luggage when flying.

'In addition to implementing the wildly successful Universal tool’s features, the GEN2 set is engineered with two oversized bevels allowing double reed players to fine tune reed spines, corners & tips with efficiency and ease (12 unique cutting surfaces in all). Like the G4, the DoubleGeek GEN2 is available in our Black Diamond wear finish providing refinement of the cut on both natural cane and synthetic reeds. The GEN2 set is encased in a deluxe, proprietary neoprene bag with a sewn-in microfiber cleaning cloth, a water tight case. For added leverage and familiarity in the hand the set includes a 3 inch stainless steel handle and a small black palm handle, both threaded for easy attachment to the DoubleGeek.'

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£105.00( If bought from United Kingdom )