Vandoren V16 Large Chamber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece | Metal : T9 L | SM825GL

Vandoren V16 mouthpieces are inspired by the sounds of the greatest jazz players from the fifties to the present. Java, V16 and ZZ reeds are particularly recommended for these mouthpieces. The line of metal V16 mouthpieces are made with Bell metal and then plated with 24-karat gold. What has impressed with the range of Vandoren V16 mouthpieces is the quality and clarity of the sound produced. With good reeds and a good ligature these mouthpieces feel very comfortable to play and really help the sax player to maximise their potential. There are a wide variety to choose from whatever style of music you are into. They are professional quality mouthpieces in every way at an affordable price.

For the Tenor, these mouthpieces are available in two chamber sizes, Large and Medium. The Medium chamber is inspired by the famous mouthpieces of the 50s and 60s, and provides a round, deep sound with plenty of bite, focus and projection. The Large chamber is inspired by mouthpieces from the 40s and provides a great Vintage sound.

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£213.45( If bought from United Kingdom )