Phil-Tone Intrepid HR Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece : .105

The powerful, fearless and bold, Phil-Tone Intrepid HR is now offered in limited numbers.  Whilst it looks a lot like the 'Sapphire' on the inside, a lot of new features are utilised.  Rather than a rollover it sports a Reso Chamber style flat angled step baffle.  This gives a big, bold and colourful tone with a rich texture and a great buzz.  The window is also longer than in other Links (and the Sapphire).  There is a lot of hand work in this piece. 

It is vibrant, powerful and projects whilst also maintaining a balanced buzz and warmth throughout the range of the Saxophone.  It is a beautifully voiced piece for a discerning palate.

Pieces are available in your preferred openings. If you have been looking for a powerful Link-esque mouthpiece in the vein of the Drake Reso Chamber or want to know what the fuss is all about, you need to play this piece.

Sale Item

£299.00( If bought from United Kingdom )