Yamaha YFL-312 Flute

An inimitable blend of leading technology and craftsmanship goes into each and every Yamaha flute.The YFL-300 models feature Sterling Silver headjoints which help create a warm, focused tone. As with Yamaha's student models, they also feature a lip plate designed to guide students toward proper breath utilisation and keys designed for optimum balance and easy playability. These and other details are some of the reasons why Yamaha's student, intermediate and professional flutes have become bestsellers worldwide.

The new YFL-312 takes the place of the popular Yamaha YFL-311 model, and is absolutely ideal for the step-up player. The added split E mechanism makes top E easier to play, and the solid silver head-joint makes for a warm, rich sound. With excellent build quality and easy sound production, this flute is reliable and well-made, and most importantly, friendly to play on too. The YFL-312 features covered keys, an offset G key and includes a Split-E mechanism. This edition has a silver-plated Sterling Silver head-joint and lip plate. 

Key Features of the YFL-312 include:

  • Pointed Key Arms: Otherwise known as 'French' pointed key arms the new YFL-312 now features the same key mechanism design as some of the more expensive Yamaha models. The addition of the pointed key arm makes these keys more sturdy and even in how the pad underneath closes. This means the flute can play more easily and that pad wear is more evenly spread and reduced.
  • New Pad Cup Shaping: After much research and testing Yamaha have applied new shaping to the pad cup touchpieces - where you rest your fingers on the keys. The new shaping allows for a comfortable and natural hold under your fingers.
  • New Optimised Pads: The quality of all the materials on these flutes is exceptional and now even the pads have been optimised to give longer life and a more even seal over the toneholes making the flute super efficient and easy to play.

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