Silverstein Works OmniGuard Lip Protector

Introducing the Silverstein Works Ominguard Lip Protector to Howarth of London.

If you use Rizla/paper to protect your lip when playing, or you are playing with braces, then this is a perfect long term solution! This new lip protector is a durable, easy way to give you comfort when playing that is unique to you. Once you have set your mould, it will last around 12 months.

- Lip protector for all wind musicians
- Precision fit
- Non-slip, secure positioning
- Comfortable even when speaking
- Magically customizable in just a few minutes
- Braces compatible
- Re-usable, re-moldable
- For upper and lower teeth
- Easily washable
- Made with biomedical grade material
- Made in the USA
- Patent pending
- Including tweezer and carrying case
- Multi-lingual manual
- Estimated product lifetime: 12 months

Item non-returnable.

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£26.50( If bought from United Kingdom )

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