Yanagisawa BWO1 Baritone Saxophone - Brass

Yanagisawa ‘Professional’ Saxophone models are free blowing, with a resonant tone, and deliver a superb performance across all musical genres. The student will develop their own unique style more easily due to both the advanced construction and ergonomic key design, and the advanced professional can be assured of both superior tone and a class-leading playing experience.

BWO1 - Professional Model features:

  • Key of Eb.
  • Range from low A to high F#.
  • All hand engraved.
Strap Ring: Repositioned the strap ring for easier playing.

Key Guard: Newly designed right hand guard exclusive to baritones.

Bow Brace: Redesigned upper bow brace.

Right Pinky Key: New pinky key angle for smoother fingering.

Bb & C Levers: Additional feet under the Bb & C levers.

Tone Holes: Redesigned tone holes to improve the intonation.

Neck Pipe Plate: New plate has been added thus tightening the sound from middle to high registers.

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