Musical-Bags EV-1 Baritone Saxophone Case | Black

This model includes significant improvements in terms of protection, functionality and versatility. The instrument is better protected as it rests on three padded areas. In this way the transmission of any impact is minimalised and the drying of pads becomes easier. The case can be carried out comfortably as a backpack due to two built-in ergonomic straps making transporting the instrument on bicycle or motorbike very easy and safe. Will fit low A and Bb Baritones.

It features two inner closed compartments: one for the neck and one for the mouthpiece and accessories. There is also an outer pocket for music scores with capacity for a tablet or laptop.

The new design of the bottom part of the case is compatible with models of well-known brands such as: Buffet, Conn, Jupiter, Keilwerth, Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagisawa etc. as well as most vintage saxophones.

- Weight 5.93 kg
- Length 112cm
- Width 41cm
- Height 23cm

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£328.50( If bought from United Kingdom )