Walter Grabner HiTech Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces : S2C

The range of Grabner mouthpieces are designed for the progressing as well as professional player. 

Handcrafting and selling mouthpieces for over 20 years, Walter Grabner has extensive experience. Since the closure of Zinner mouthpieces in 2018 and therefore the end of Grabner’s Zinner-based mouthpieces, he has been hard at work developing a new method.

With this new range, Grabner is now producing his own mouthpieces on his own designs. Named the ‘Grabner HiTech Clarinet Mouthpieces’ to reflect the change and are available for Eb clarinet right up to Contra Bass.

Produced using 21st-century technology, the mouthpieces are designed on CAD software and produced through high-end additive manufacturing.

Grabner has noted that the new models are not an attempt to duplicate his previous models and that his search for new methods has led him in new directions for the mouthpieces. 

The range of mouthpieces were designed with the Legere synthetic reeds in mind and all work well with both cane and synthetic reeds. 

Try the new Grabner Mouthpieces;

S1C – Replaces K11*, Tip: Close

S2C - Replaces G11*, Tip: Close

S2M - Replaces G13*, Tip: Medium

S2MO - Replaces Virtuoso, Tip: Medium Open

S3M-LE – Designed for Legere European Cut reeds, Tip: Medium. Produces a warm, dark tone with excellent intonation and ease of articulation. 

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£300.00( If bought from United Kingdom )