Silverstein Works ESTRO Ligature | Champagne Gold : EG07A Bb Clarinet Medium / Alto Small

The Silverstein Ligature has several special features that are unique to its eye-catching form. The patented design is such that the Ligature covers a minimum amount of surface area on the reed, while still being able to maintain an incredibly firm grip.

The Tension Adjustment pulls up (rather than just pinching the sides like most other ligatures) and the remarkable design allows the tension to ease throughout the cord evenly over time. The result is the purest sound formed from the natural vibrations of the reed.

The custom engineered cord meanwhile is designed to facilitate the natural vibrations without adding to them in any way, and the core has been constructed and quality tested to never stretch.

Silverstein Ligature Sizing Chart - Clarinet
Silverstein Ligature Sizing Chart - Saxophone

Read more about the Silverstein Ligature here


  • Resizable (+/- 1 size) : Use a standard 1.5mm hex wrench or our Resizing Kit (sold separately)
  • Synergetic Resonance with Mouthpiece by 2 Harmonic Enhancers
  • Enrich Fundamentals and Increase Harmonics
  • Stronger Projection
  • Fine-Tune Sound Color and Focus
  • Fast and Precise Response
  • White and Champagne Gold Finish
  • Shiny Mirror Finish
  • 18K Gold or Platinum Plating
  • Beautiful Crystal Decoration (Top & Sides)
  • Hand-finished by Artisans
  • Minimized Stress on a Reed
  • Compensate Reed Thickness
  • Less Reed Warpage
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Anti-Slip Pad (Sold separately)

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£245.00( If bought from United Kingdom )