10mfan CELEBRATION Rubber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece : 7*

The “CELEBRATION”:  Celebrating the best vintage hr Link mouthpiece models ever made: Reso, Slant, and early Babbitt, with the 10mfan originality, that takes it beyond what those Links offered, to make up one killer mouthpiece!!!
10mfan was the biggest high end vintage mouthpiece dealer on the internet for over 30 years before starting his 10mfan company. This piece is long overdue for you Link lovers. This is an original design that has some Reso Chamber, Slant Sig, and Early Babbitt built into it, along with my 10mfan contributions. For me, it outplays any Link type piece in the marketplace! All you see in the marketplace are copies of each of the Link models. This 'Celebration' can do much, much more! Nothing ever made like this…..a true Celebration to Mr. Otto Links mouthpieces. 

Big, open, full, rich, powerful warmer sound and will stand up to any original vintage hr tenor Link that goes for $1500!  Are you tired of playing mediocre Link-esque pieces out there? We don’t blame you. So many stuffy and dull Link copies out there but don’t worry - this original design 'Celebration' mouthpiece is not a copy of any one model, and it will take care of that for all of you. The chamber is large,  so the sound has more spread to it than 10mfan's 'The Classic' mouthpiece.

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£368.00( If bought from United Kingdom )