10mfan INFUSION Rubber Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece : 7

NEW Baritone Model: The 10MFAN "INFUSION":

This mouthpiece is all about the sound! It is a Baritone piece with lushness, fullness and power when you need it, and it doesn't make you sound overly "gruff" like a Berg. It's got fullness and clarity to its sound. Made from the finest German bar stock hard rubber and the hand finishing is done by the 2 most respected refacers out there: Brian Powell and Erik Greiffenhagen.

This was designed to be a mouthpiece that infuses the warmth and beauty of the best vintage Links and offers more power towards the Bergs, without the gruffness associated with them. You can put it there, but it doesn't make you go there. This mouthpiece infuses many different Bari Sax sounds together from Carney to Mulligan, Pepper Adams to Ronnie Cuber, Smulyan to Brignola.. and beyond! It allows the player immense flexibility to go in many different directions from warm and beyond. It won't stick you in one sound corner.

The Infusion is a true workhorse for the Bari player that doesn't want an extreme piece, and needs flexibility and versatility for many settings! This is not meant to be a screamer Bari piece. It's designed for a lush full sound and versatility. It's got plenty of power and does not get thin or too bright at all.

This has the right amount of resistance to slot itself right between the Links and the Bergs. If you are looking for a super free blowing piece that is also incredibly loud, you should get  a high baffle mouthpiece. This wasn't designed for that, it was designed to be a GREAT all-around player that can be used for tons of different settings where sound is the most important thing!

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£464.58( If bought from United Kingdom )