Powell Sonaré PS-505 Flute

The Powell Sonaré 505 Model features a hand-cut Sterling Silver Signature II headjoint with a nickel silver, silver plated body and mechanism. Available with Offset or In-line G Keys, B or C foot joints, this model is distinguished by beautiful French Pointed Arms.

French Pointed Arms distribute the pressure from the player’s fingers directly to the centre of the key cup, providing a better seal. The Split-E mechanism is available on Offset flutes only. The 505 A9 is supplied with a Sterling silver headjoint upgraded with an Aurumite 9K Lip plate, known as the K style headjoint.

  •          Nickel silver, silver plated body
  •          Steling silver headjoint
  •          Tube thickness .016”
  •          Drawn tone holes
  •          B or C footjoint
  •          Modern Powell Scale
  •          Gizmo standard
  •          Traditional pinned mechanism with adjusting screws
  •          Offset or inline G key
  •          Split E on offset models
  •          French pointed key arms & cups
  •          C# trill available
  •          Elgiloy springs
  •          Pitch = A442 

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