OB3 Oboe Reed Tip Knife : Left Handed Orange

OB3 Reed Tip Knife  - It's just for the reed Tip!  So often when making reeds one reaches for a utility knife to fine-tune the tip.  Yes the utility knife is sharp but everything else is wrong!...the handle is bulky, the blade, though sharp, moves about and rattles, and you have to stabilize it with your thumb.  Well with OB3 Reed Tip Knife this has all gone.  Its ergonomic handle nestles comfortably in the hand, and it allows for precise tip finessing and control through the knife's lightness of touch and feel.  The utility blade is locked in place with a screw that can be tightened with a utility knife blade, and the resulting stability ensures your tip crafting is in safe hands. The blade protrudes from the end giving you greater control and visibility for scraping the tip of a reed. The screw cap on the bottom reveals a perfect container for storage of your plaque so you never forget or lose your plaque again. Ergonomically designed, and manufactured using the latest 3D printing technology. This re-invention means the price is affordable for all.

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£15.00( If bought from United Kingdom )