Azumi AZ-Z2REP

Azumi flutes are a combination of  handmade headjoints, produced by the world renowned Altus,  with a high quality flute body and mechanism (produced by Azumi). The headjoint design is one of the most important elements in influencing the characteristic of any flute´s tone. The significance of the headjoint inspired the founder of Azumi flutes - Shuichi Tanaka to produce a handmade headjoint combined with a flute body that is affordable, yet of a high production quality which led to combining the Azumi flute body with a handmade Altus headjoint. With this vision the Azumi flute series was born – to satisfy the different demands of the intermediate and the more advanced musician. The ethos behind Azumi flutes is to offer players a flute with which they can develop their playing to advanced levels at an affordable price.

Azumi flutes are available in two different series: 

The Z series for easy articulation, powerful and precise focus of tone

The S series for beautiful open tone with increased positive resistance

Azumi AZ-Z2EP "Roseus" Limited Edition Flute


  • Limited edition model
  • Handcut Altus Z-cut .925 solid headjoint
  • Rose gold plated lip-plated and crown
  • Silver-plated body and mechanism
  • Available with closed or open holes at the same price
  • Offset G key
  • Split E mechanism
  • French-style Pointed key-arms

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