Clark Fobes Professional Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece : 2M*

The "San Francisco" series mouthpieces were developed over a period of twenty years. The mouthpieces use Zinner blanks, these blanks represent the best in material and consistency currently available. The blank used for the Clark Fobes series is a custom blank made specifically for this range.

By customising the bore, these mouthpieces produce superior intonation and a characteristic "Fobes" ring.

Available in eight tip openings: 
CF: 0.96mm 
CF+: 1.00mm 
2M*: 1.04mm (asymmetrical) 
2L: 1.04mm
3L: 1.08mm
4L: 1.12mm

This range of mouthpieces is comparable to the Lomax A models, Walter Grabner K11-14 and Zinner French style mouthpieces.

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£180.00( If bought from United Kingdom )