Instrument Handling Policy

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Howarth of London has a responsibility to all our customers and staff to prevent the risk of transmission through handling and using musical instruments.

Customer's instruments.

  • All instruments coming into the shop must be pulled through and dry inside the bore before they are brought to us.
  • All instruments will be quarantined for 72 hours from the point of arrival and clearly labelled and marked with a red sticker to record the date and time received.
  • We will also treat smaller instruments with UV light as part of this process when deemed appropriate, but we consider that putting the instrument through a quarantine period is the most effective method of limiting transmission.

Instrument testing.

  • All testing is by appointment. All appointments must made at least 72 hours prior to your visit to allow instruments to be checked and quarantined prior to your visit.
  • When a customer books an appointment, a list of instruments they wish to try will be agreed. This will be subject to availability and existing bookings.

Post handling

  • After handling, all instruments will be disinfected with suitable disinfectant wipes on the outside surfaces.
  • If the instrument needs to be play tested for any reason, it will be mopped out to dry the inside by the person who played it with their designated pull through, which will be washed each evening.
  • The keywork and body will be wiped over with a disinfectant wipe and the instrument will be re-labelled with a new red sticker with the details of who tested it along with the date and time. A new quarantine period will be started to ensure that, as far as practically possible, the instrument is free from contamination. It is then free to be returned to a customer or tried by someone else or another member of staff.

Emergency repairs

With the relaxation of Covid restrictions, we hope to gradually increase the number of repairs we can carry out on the same day they are brought in.

  • Please note that we will be unable to carry out an examination of the airtightness of your instrument and other tests that involve blowing the instrument without a quarantine period.
  • Our repairers will also continue to wear additional PPE for same day repairs. Please call in advance to discuss your requirements and book an appointment before travelling to the shop

We will treat and handle instruments and accessories in such a way that, if COVID-19 is present, it is removed on arrival at our premises and is not (re-)introduced onto them prior to their being sold / sent to customers.

We will minimise the risk of staff bringing COVID-19 onto the premises and thereby unwittingly transmitting it to other staff, the shop premises, retail stock and our customers.

Last updated:14 July 2021

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