Howarth Short-Term Specialist Rental Scheme

We have frequent requests for short-term rentals that fall outside our normal rental scheme - perhaps your instrument is in the workshop for an urgent repair, but you also have a concert, or you need a bass clarinet / contrabassoon / bari sax for a single gig (though perhaps not all three at once!).

We are now offering a Short-term Specialist Rental Scheme to meet exactly this need. The instruments available are high-quality, usually professional-grade instruments, and are for hire subject to availability.

Short-Term Specialist Rental Scheme Features

  • Instruments offered are subject to availability, and at discretion of Howarth of London Ltd.
  • The hire period is 1 week exactly from whenever it is hired, eg the hire period could be from 11am Wednesday till 11am on the following Wednesday.
  • The minimum fee is 1 week's hire fee, payment in advance. If instrument is not returned by expiry of hire, you will be charged another full week's hire.
  • We can post to UK addresses at current charge rates.
  • Instruments must be insured by the hirer. The hirer is liable for loss or damage, even through circumstances outside the hirer's control (we can arrange a temporary 30-day UK cover). If insured under our insurance the instrument must remain in the UK.
  • Instruments will be sent out fully serviced, and may not be taken to any other repairers during the hire period. If there are any issues when the instrument is first assembled you must contact us immediately to arrange a solution.
  • This scheme is open to UK residents only.
  • We will need to see a form of ID with a current address, preferably your passport or driving licence, or a utilities bill dated within the previous 2 months.
  • Reeds are not supplied with any instrument.

Prices (per week)

The specific instrument models below are provided only as an example.
Sometimes an instrument of similar standard will be available instead.

Intermediate (e.g. Alto flute) £ 65.00
Intermediate (e.g. Bass flute) £ 80.00
Professional Bb (e.g. Buffet R13 / RC Greenline) £ 55.00
Professional A (e.g. Buffet R13 Greenline) £ 60.00
Professional Harmony (e.g. Yamaha YCL681 II Eb Clarinet) £ 60.00
Professional Harmony (e.g. Buffet Prestige Basset Horn) £ 120.00
Professional Harmony (e.g. Buffet Prestige Greenline Bass Clarinet to low C) £ 150.00
Sopranino Saxophone
Intermediate (e.g. Chiltern Sopranino Saxophone) £ 50.00
Soprano Saxophone
Intermediate (e.g. Chiltern Soprano Saxophone) £ 35.00
Intermediate (e.g. Yamaha Soprano Saxophone) £ 45.00
Alto Saxophone
Professional (e.g. Yamaha YAS 62 Alto Saxophone) £ 60.00
Tenor Saxophone
Student (e.g. Yamaha YTS 480 Tenor Saxophone) £ 55.00
Professional (e.g. Yamaha YTS 82Z Tenor Saxophone) £ 100.00
Baritone Saxophone
Intermediate (e.g. Chiltern Baritone Saxophone) £ 100.00
Intermediate (e.g. S40 Oboe) £ 50.00
Professional (e.g. Professional Howarth Oboe) £ 75.00
Oboe d'Amore
Professional (e.g. S5 Oboe d'Amore) £ 50.00
Professional (e.g. XL Oboe d'Amore) £ 75.00
Cor Anglais
Student (e.g. S20 Cor Anglais) £ 50.00
Professional (e.g. S5 Cor Anglais) £ 75.00
Bass Oboe
Bass Oboe £ 150.00
Professional (e.g. Professional Bassoon) £ 100.00
Professional (e.g. Contrabassoon) ~ From £150 - £200, depending on length of hire £ 150.00
(all prices include VAT)
Postage quotes available

The Small Print

  • Please see our full Rental terms and conditions.
  • This scheme is available for UK residents only.
  • We can only rent to persons over the age of 18.
  • Instrument rental is subject to credit approval.
  • We reserve the right to refuse rental.
  • Please see details of our complaints procedure.
  • Written quotations are available on request.

What next?

Please contact the relevant department in our London shop to make a booking. Written quotations are available on request.

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